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A day at the fortress

Arrival /Departure

The day at the fortress starts at 10am*. As the buses do not park in the immediate vicinity of the site's entrance, we ask you to plan to arrive at the parking lot a few minutes earlier so that we can welcome you and start the activities at 10 am. The end of the day is scheduled for 4pm*.

In order to spend your day in the best conditions, we ask you to respect the arrival and departure times indicated at the time of your reservation. Our teams organize the workshops and visits according to these schedules, which cannot be ensured under normal conditions if you do not respect them.

   *These times correspond to a typical school day at the fortress and are indicated by default on the online reservation form. If you wish to change these times for your outing, please indicate your request when making your reservation.


Organization of workshops and visits

The workshops and visits take place both in the morning and in the afternoon. To facilitate your wandering between the workshops, our educational team will divide your class into different groups and organize the program of activities for you. All you have to do

You just have to follow our animators and enjoy your trip to the heart of the Middle Ages. In the course of

During the day, our knight-guide offers you a spectacular shooting of a war machine!


The picnic is held directly on the site of the fortress. A reception tent is at your disposal for lunch and you can also take advantage of the outdoor areas. When you arrive by bus, you can take all your belongings and your meal down with you (you can ask for help from (you can ask the fortress team for help beforehand).

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